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Baptism Plates
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Shop for catholic baptism decoration ideas, baptism party supply and tableware such as baptism napkins and plates, christening plates and napkins, baby dedication paper plates and napkins, baptism decoration for girls, boy baptism plates and napkins, cups, table centerpieces, confetti  & more ...

To help celebrate the religious ceremony of a catholic baptism, christening or baby dedication ceremony,  you can buy religious party goods for both boys and girls.  There are baptism party supplies for a baby, young child, teen or adult. You can buy a complete baptism tableware set  or the individual items  baptism plates, baptism napkins, baptism cups, matching color forks, knives and spoons, baptism confetti,  baptism table centerpieces and more.

The Blessed Baby party theme comes in blue for boys and pink for girls.  The girl baptism theme features a white cross pattern on the plate with small flowers and the sacred words a baby is a blessing. The matching napkins have the wording a baby is a gift of love, a blessing sent from God above.  The boy's baptism plates also have the white cross and a blue and green circle pattern.

The Sweet Blessing Baptism Plates are available in boy and girl themes and feature a blue cross for boys and a pink cross for girls in the center of the plate.

The Faithful Dove party theme features unique square dinner plates and dessert plates with a white cross, image of a dove and the word faith printed on the plate. You can buy a deluxe party pack for a "baptism" or a "christening"

Another cute baptism plate pattern that is popular is the Tiny Toes theme.  The dinner plates have the image of small baby feed and big dots around the edge and the dessert plate has stripes.

For those wanting simple solid colors you can buy pink baptism plates, blue baptism plates or plain clear or white plates.  These plates come in a variety of shapes - round, square, divided, wavy square, rectangle and triangle shaped.  You can get baptism paper plates or plastic plates.   

Baptism Plates

Baptism Plate Designs:

Blessed Baby Girl Baptism Plates
Blessed Baby Boy Baptism Plates
Sweet Blessing Pink Baptism Plates
Sweet Blessing Blue Baptism Plates
Faithful Dove Pink Baptism Plates 
Faithful Dove Blue Baptism Plates
Tiny Toes Pink Dinner Plates
Tiny Toes Blue Dinner Plates
Light Pink Baptism Plates for Girls
Light Blue Baptism Plates for Boys
Solid Color Baptism Plates
Clear Plastic Plates
Bright White Plastic Divided Plates
Candy Pink Divided Plastic Plates
Classic Pink Square Dinner Plates
Classic Pink Square Dessert Plates
Light Pink Dinner Plates
Light Pink Dessert Plates
Candy Pink Square Plates
Hot Pink Dessert Plates
Round Pink Paper Plates
Round Pink Dessert Plates
Bright Pink Banquet Plates
Premium Plastic Dessert Plates
Hot Pink Wavy Square Plates
Value Pack Party Plates Pink
Big Party Plates Pink Baptism
Pastel Blue Square Dinner Plates
Light Blue Dessert Plates
Light Blue Round Paper Plates
True Blue Plastic Divided Plates
Blue Baptism Plates for Boys
Bright Blue Dessert Plates
Royal Blue Banquet Plates
Caribbean Blue Plates
Solid Blue Paper Plates
Caribbean Blue Wavy Square
Bermuda Blue Squaare Plates
Turquoise Paper Plates
Pastel Blue Paper Plates
Blue Value Pack Plates
Frosty White Dinner Plates
Plain White Dessert Plates
Clear Square Plastic Dinner Plates
Clear Square Dessert Plates
Clear Round Party Plates
Clear Rectangle Lunch Plates
Rectangle Dessert Plates Clear
Clear Plastic Fluted Dinner Plates
Fluted Plastic Clear Dessert Plates
White & Gold Glimmerware
White with Gold Trim Plates
White & Silver Glimmerwre
White with Silver Trim Plates
White Square Party Plates
White Desert Plates
White Banquet Dinner Plates
Square White Dessert Plates
Rectangle Dessert Plates
Triangle Lunch Plates
White Plastic Dessert Plates
Religious Baptism Plates

Baptism Plates Pink, Blue Baptism Plates, Pink Baptism Plates, Baptism Plates Blue

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Baptismal Plates
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Boys Baptism Plates
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Baptism Plates for Teens

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